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Famous Authors Reading Comprehension Bundle; George Orwell, Franz Kafka & the Brothers Grimm

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About This Product

Introducing my "Famous Authors Reading Comprehension" bundle - an engaging and educational resource designed to captivate high school students or ESL learners while honing their reading skills. Delve into the fascinating world of literature with these no-prep English reading worksheets featuring three renowned authors:

Franz Kafka - masterful explorer of the complexities of the human psyche

George Orwell - visionary British author and journalist, renowned for his powerful, politically charged novels like "1984" and "Animal Farm,"

The Brothers Grimm - legendary German siblings who collected and popularized enchanting folktales, such as "Cinderella" and "Hansel and Gretel"

The bundle includes three comprehensive readings, each paired with a range of dynamic activities, such as:

Pre and post-reading activities to stimulate interest and consolidate understanding

Comprehension checks to assess students' grasp of the texts

Vocabulary-building exercises to expand their lexicon

Kahoot online quizzes for interactive and entertaining assessments

Writing exercises to develop and refine their written expression

Discussion activities to promote critical thinking and in-depth exploration of the authors' works

Extra/homework activities for additional reinforcement or independent study

Crafted using modern teaching techniques and a communicative approach, this "Famous Authors Reading Comprehension" bundle is tailored to bring out the best in your students. By engaging with these materials, learners will improve their speaking skills, confidence, knowledge of English literature, comprehension abilities, and writing prowess. The variety of tasks ensures that students remain interested and motivated throughout the lessons.

Invest in your students' literary education and help them appreciate the works of these esteemed authors. The "Famous Authors Reading Comprehension" bundle is the perfect addition to any English or ESL curriculum, providing educators with a captivating and effective tool to enrich their students' understanding of literature. Don't miss out on this opportunity to inspire a love for reading in your classroom!

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What's Included

The Famous Authors Reading Comprehension Bundle includes:

3 Engaging Readings: Featuring Franz Kafka, George Orwell, and The Brothers Grimm

High-quality, colorful worksheets that would be perfect for any reading comprehension class.

Full, no-prep lesson plans - just print off the worksheets and you are ready to go!

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