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Famous Scientists & Inventors: 5-Lesson Advanced ESL Reading Bundle for Engaging STEM Education

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About This Product

Introduce high-school students or ESL learners of any age to STEM-themed reading comprehension with our engaging and captivating lesson bundle. These top-notch, colorful worksheets and full lesson plans will have your students thoroughly enjoying these lessons while covering 4 to 5 class sessions. Delve into the lives of famous inventors and scientists through a variety of stimulating activities, including warm-ups, skimming exercises, comprehension questions, true/false tasks, group work, discussions, and a final presentation. This is aimed at a B2/C1 level of the CEFR framework

The STEM bundle includes FIVE comprehensive lesson plans featuring:

✓ 3 Readings with pre and post-reading activities

✓ Comprehension Checks

✓ Vocabulary Building

✓ Discussion Activities

✓ TED Talks

✓ Kahoot Quiz

✓ Research & Presentation Work

✓ 2 End of Unit Worksheets

✓ Extra/Homework Activities

Explore the inspiring stories of three remarkable individuals:

  1. Elon Musk: entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, engineer, and inventor

  2. Mae Jemison: the first African-American woman to go into space

  3. Boyan Slat: young Dutch inventor who gained fame through his TED Talk on an innovative way to clean up the world's oceans

This comprehensive resource is perfect for keeping your students engaged and fostering a deeper understanding of STEM-related topics.

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What's Included

In this STEM-themed bundle, you'll find a wealth of engaging resources, including:

✓ FIVE Full Lesson Plans

✓ 3 Readings on Famous Inventors & Scientists with pre and post-reading activities

✓ Comprehension Checks

✓ Vocabulary Building exercises

✓ Discussion Activities

✓ TED Talks related to the topics

✓ Kahoot Quiz for interactive learning

✓ Research & Presentation Work assignments

✓ 2 End of Unit Worksheets

✓ Extra/Homework Activities to reinforce learning

This all-inclusive package covers the inspiring stories of Elon Musk, Mae Jemison, and Boyan Slat, providing you with everything you need to teach STEM-themed reading comprehension effectively and in a fun manner.

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