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Farm Clip Cards for Practicing Spelling & Vocabulary (German)

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About This Product

Farm Clip Cards for Practicing Spelling & Vocabulary in German This resource provides two versions of German farm-themed clip cards that can be used to practice spelling and vocabulary-building in the German language. The spelling-focused cards display a farm animal or object, along with the corresponding German word, allowing students to visually associate the image with the written word. The vocabulary-building cards show the farm visual along with the German word and English translation. These printable PDF flashcards can be used by German teachers in many creative ways. Students could practice spelling German farm terms aloud and receive immediate feedback by clipping the card to track which words they have mastered. Alternatively, teachers may provide the spelling card to an individual or small group and ask them to provide the English translation verbally. The vocabulary cards could even be used in a classroom game of matching. With dual formats on a fun, familiar farm theme, this resource provides flexible German foreign language practice.

What's Included

12 printable pages in PDF Format

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