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Fast Facts: Addition

An educational teaching resource from Classroom Complete Press entitled Fast Facts: Addition downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 1, 2



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About This Product

Fast Facts: Addition - An Innovative Teaching Resource

Fast Facts: Addition is a groundbreaking program designed for educators in both traditional classrooms and homeschooling situations. This tool is perfect for first and second-grade students who are delving into the world of mathematics, with a pinpoint focus on addition.

A Comprehensive Approach to Teaching Basic Addition

This meticulously crafted program takes elementary students on an insightful journey through basic addition facts, enabling swift comprehension as well as lasting memory. Fast Facts: Addition integrates various strategies including:

  • Counting back
  • Counting on
  • Doubles plus one
  • Doubles
  • Zeros
  • Ten's parts as well as tens and extras
  • .

Tailored Learning Methods To Suit Every Child’s Pace And Style Of Learning:

In contrast to conventional tools, Fast Facts: Addition finds the perfect balance between oral and written practice methods ensuring comprehensive learning that caters to different learning styles. Scholars learn at their leisure – practicing repetition until the concepts become second nature.

Goes beyond basic facts - Understanding decade numbers (like 10 or 20) while encouraging necessary mental math skills needed to solve simple two-digit equations like "20+3" or more complex ones like "30+53", preparing them for advanced future mathematical endeavours.

Educator-friendly Product With Seamless Implementation Capabilities:

Educators find using Fast Facts: Addition in daily lesson plans comes naturally— ideal for whole-class scenarios enhancing cooperative learning values, smaller study groups promoting personal academic growth, and increases efficiency when assigned as homework to reinforce class work.

Economically Reasonable & Eco-Conscious:

All materials are fully reproducible for unlimited usage— making Fast Facts: Addition desirable as it promotes both economic sensibility and ecological consciousness. Plus, no-frills setup— only requiring a PDF reader for hassle-free experience.

In Conclusion

Using Fast Facts: Addition is an excellent way to effectually harvest time spent educating young minds today into potential leaders of tomorrow!

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