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Multiplication: Speed Time Tables

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About This Product

Multiplication: Speed Time Tables Teaching Resource

The ultimate goal of the Multiplication: Speed Time Tables teaching resource is to cement multiplicative reasoning and multiplication fluency in students' minds. By engaging learners in practising their times tables with an element of fun, it hopeful fosters an enduring understanding of multiplication concepts.

Flexibility and Applicability

Regardless of grade level, this user-friendly pack offers a flexible learning tool for mastering multiplication tables. The interactive worksheet includes 100 random times table questions, which can be used for:

  • Whole group sessions,

  • Small group lessons,

  • Supplementary homework assignments,

  • Competitive quiz-bowl sessions or

  • Mental math drills.

  • A Unique Interactive Feature

    In addition to the worksheet, this resource features an accompanying EXCEL sheet for recording scores and timings. This allows educators to monitor individual progress at a glance and encourages students to beat their own records - fostering an environment conducive to healthy competition and continuous learning.

    Evaluation Made Effortless

    The package also incorporates a valuable component - an answer key that provides accurate solutions simplifying the grading process for teachers saving them precious time that can be redirected back into teaching.

    Owing It's Usability To Effective Formatting!

    This resource is compiled into one PDF file ensuring easy accessibility, straightforward usability while guaranteeing maximum portability.

    This creative educational resource not only makes math fun but effectively pairs it with a brisk-paced game-like activity — honing young minds not just towards rote memorization but precision in rapid calculation skills.

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