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Final Consonant Blends & Double Consonant Endings: Dan’s Dog Runs

Final Consonant Blends & Double Consonant Endings: Dan’s Dog Runs
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About This Product

Final Consonant Blends & Double Consonant Endings: Dan’s Dog Runs

Dan’s Dog Runs is an engaging phonic teaching resource within the series ‘Mission Spelling Zero’ designed to equip young learners with foundational reading and spelling skills. The resource is comprehensive for educators in early learning contexts such as preschool, kindergarten, and even Grades 1 and 2.

This resource emphasizes on final consonant blends and double consonant endings which are critical stepping stones in establishing solid phonics foundations. It does this through a story - 'Dan's Dog Runs,' where these phonic sounds can be reinforced while practicing spellings embedded within it. The series also includes Phonic Writing Practice & Comprehension worksheets that complement the narrative.

Zoggy - The Fun Learning Character

A unique feature of this teaching resource is its engaging character named Zoggy—an alien from a distant planet famed for exceptional computer skills. Students get to learn initial sounds built upon with double consonant blends and vowel digraphs through Zoggy's exciting adventures, thus making learning seamless yet enjoyable.

  • If used effectively in whole group or small group settings or as a fun homework assignment,
  • Learners not only learn but develop a fondness for reading,
  • Mission Spelling Zero's theme corresponds to each colour of the rainbow—making learning visually stimulating—even as their phonic learning tool evolves through different proficiency levels.

Variety Formats Available

An additional feature that makes this product more utilitarian is its presentation in two distinct formats—a digital download PDF perfect for digital interactions with students or paper back available online catering to traditional pedagogical methods. Contained within 33 information-rich pages awaits a world ready for young explorers eager to dive into the realms of phonics!

Final Consonant Blends & Double Consonant Endings: Dan’s Dog Runs, is definitely a treasure trove designed by experienced educators understanding how young minds learn best.

What's Included

33 pages

Resource Tags

phonics reading skills spelling practice comprehension teaching resource

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