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Finger Puppets - Little Red Riding Hood - Fairy Tale

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About This Product

Finger Puppets - Little Red Riding Hood - Fairy Tale

With this material, you get craft templates for finger puppets for the story "Little Red Riding Hood".

Perfect for language lessons at primary school. The students deal creatively with the story by coming up with suitable dialogues and acting out the story. The special thing about the finger puppets is that the characters show different emotions by turning the finger puppets or change according to the narrative.

The finger puppets are suitable for language lessons in grades 1, grades 2, grades 3, grades 4, grades 5 and grades 6.

The finger puppet templates are available in two versions: one in color and one in black and white. You can decide for yourself whether you want to use the time-saving or printer-friendly version.

The students can design the black and white templates themselves, for example.

With the colored templates, you can quickly create a finger puppet set that you can give to the students to play with.

To store it in the binder, the students can make a bag.

For the finger puppet show, I have also added suitable backdrops. The students can also design and use their backdrops for their finger puppet show.

Teaching Ideas:

The finger puppets can be used in various ways in the classroom:

  • Students use the finger puppets during a book presentation to bring the characters to life and practice retelling.

  • Students act out dialogues between the main characters of the fairy tale.

  • The students use the finger puppets in assigned roles while reading. They take turns playing with the different characters.

  • The students continue to tell the story with the finger puppets or come up with dialogues for gaps within the story.

  • The students design the finger puppets in color or cut, fold and make the colored templates into finger puppets.

Best regards,

Doreen Blumhagen - Die Relitante

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