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Finish the Story: Back to School Writing Prompts

Finish the Story: Back to School Writing Prompts
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Grade 2, 3, 4, 5





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About This Product

Finish the Story: Back to School Writing Prompts is a compelling education resource targeting students of grade 2 to grade 5. It focuses on fostering creativity, blossoming imagination, and strengthening writing prowess in an entertaining ambiance thus making for an ideal augmentation to any teaching array.

This learning guide offers a packet of writing prompts, each tailored for those students who relish letting their imagination run wild. In the process of completing these prompts, children can polish their writing forte while traversing their creativity labyrinth in exhilarating new avenues.

Key Features include:
  • An easy-to-use no-prep packet which provides ready-to-use material for educators, eliminating tedious preparation.
  • Prompt templates that can be used across various teaching settings; including:
    • 'At-home' independent work or homework assignments.
    • Coworker activities that advocate collaboration.
    • Small group sessions bolstering interactive rapport building skills.
    • 'Early finisher' tasks keeping fast learners engrossed even post completion of regular class assignments.
    • In-school writing center supplements assisting differentiated instruction .
This resource also facilitates contemporary educational technologies as it presents digital prompt templates compatible with student devices alongside traditional paper versions. Students can interact via Google Slides by typing stories and adding images or diagrams thereby enriching narrative visualization.

The Prompt Packet
Aptly designed for students from grades 2 through 5,this compilation carries 11 unique 'Back-To-School'-themed writing prompt addressing common fears relating school resumption subtly clothed within fun story making exercises. There are two arrangements per prompt suiting varied student inclinations. Students are also incentivised intermittently with free expression spaces stimulating artistic lash-outs and all-round developmental aspects beyond just language art capacities. All of these resources neatly bundled within one pdf file totalling 23 pages.

From the pedagogical standpoint, this resource is indispensible as it channels story creation zest into structural advancement of crucial language art skills. Hence, it serves the evolving needs of diverse educational lineups alongside classrooms and homeschooling equally well.

What's Included

1 PDF with 23 usable pages

Resource Tags

writing prompts creativity imagination back-to-school digital templates

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