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Five Little Monkeys Song Animated Song

An educational teaching resource from Twin Sisters Digital Media entitled Five Little Monkeys Song Animated Song downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Five Little Monkeys Song Animated Song: A Fun Learning Resource

Enter an innovative teaching tool designed for stimulating young minds in early learning stages, kindergarten, and preschool. The product, Five Little Monkeys Song Animated Song, blends delightful animation with energetic music to foster a dynamic learning environment.

The Storyline

In this engrossing animated musical video, five little monkeys turn bedtime into playtime as they take turns leaping off the bed one by one. Post each tumble from the bed; their mother calls a doctor who advises against further bed-jumping activities. This storyline is not just entertaining but introduces children to numbers 1-5 through repetition.

The Influence

Inspired by the beloved childhood rhyme—“Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed”—this lively video is sure to resonate with children and invite repeated viewings. As kids enjoy watching it again and again for its fun element, they end up learning numbers in an enjoyable manner over time.

A Unique Twist
A unique finale adds a mirth-infused surprise that will intrigue viewers of 
all ages!

Potential Applications:

  • Teachers: Use this resource in group sessions or assign it as homework or small-group assignments to keep students engrossed while subtly teaching them essential counting skills.

  • Homeschoolers: Incorporate it into bedtime routine or playtime making education fun and engaging.

Note: The product comes in MP4 format which makes integration easy across diverse digital platforms catering different types of educational scenarios whether home-based or formal school setups.

In essence, Five Little Monkeys Song Animated Song is not only an interactive nursery rhyme. It's an Educationally rooted entertaining resource that achieves the perfect balance between teaching and amusement.

What's Included

1 MP4 Animated Song for Five Little Monkeys

Resource Tags

animated song counting skills early learning nursery rhyme educational resource

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