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Football Commercial Worksheets (Editable in Google Docs)

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About This Product

Football Commercial Worksheets (Editable in Google Docs)

This teaching resource, designed with meticulous detail, is primarily aimed at enhancing the learning experience for grades 3 to 11 by integrating real-world scenarios with curriculum studies. It focuses on stirring football fervor throughout the year or around big game days.

  • Integration:
  • The resource offers a variety of commercial-related activities that seamlessly integrate into your regular classroom instruction.

  • Variety of Activities:
  • Incorporate these seven diverse activities into your schedule as group exercises or individual assignments depending on class dynamics and learning objectives. Each activity stimulates cognitive skills and critical thinking in an enjoyable layout.

    Detailed Activities:

    Commercial Opinion Writing - Practice presenting and substantiating opinions based on remembered commercials. 'Commercials: What Do You Remember?' - Explore advertising perspectives focusing on products, charm words, and captivating tag lines. 'Create a Commercial' task (in two handouts) - Enhance creative spirit while encouraging marketing strategies..

    Fostering Creativity:

    The artistic nature of these worksheets let students sketch out their versions of remembered commercials followed by written narratives explaining their creation. These tasks beautifully link language arts with creativity!

    The Grand Finale: 'Commercials: Watch & Reply' - Nurtures attentive viewing habits among students while promoting inquiry-based responses for game-day commercials. User-friendly Formats:
    The source comes as printable PDF files perfect for handing out physically or editable Google Docs allowing easy customization according to individual student needs. Conclude

    Engage your learners with these football commercial worksheets because educational development can be innovative and lively too!

What's Included

- Commercial Opinion Writing: the students pick one commercial and fill out the worksheet to form and back up their opinion.

- Commercials: What Do You Remember? students fill in the organizer to see how many products, adjectives and expressions/slogans they remember.

- Create a Commercial: students create their own commercial. This resource includes two different create a commercial handouts. Choose the one that suits your class best!

- Draw your Commercial & Draw a commercial you saw: these two handouts are based on the student drawing their own commercial and the other handout is them drawing a commercial they saw. Both include a small writing activity.

- Commercials: Watch & Reply: students while watching, will answer questions based on the big football game.

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