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Free Spanish Interactive Memory Game to Practice Viviendas y Comercios

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About This Product

Practice Viviendas y Comercios Vocabulary in Spanish with this Interactive Memory Game PowerPoint. Students will learn words for types of houses and businesses while playing a fun matching game that builds memory, concentration, and vocabulary skills. To play, students first practice the vocabulary words. Then the memory game board appears where students take turns flipping over two cards at a time to find the matches. If the cards don't match, they flip them back over and try again. Once all matches are found, press Start Again for another round! This self-checking 15 slide PowerPoint can be used for whole group practice on an interactive whiteboard or independently. The game format provides engaging vocabulary repetition for students to build fluency. Follow our ShapeUp-N-Matematicas y Lenguaje store for similar Spanish language learning games and activities spanning Kindergarten through 5th grade.

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Spanish Vocabulary Interactive Activity Small or Whole Group Games Vocabulario Viviendas y Comercios Comercios Viviendas Type of Houses and Businesses in Spanish Homes in Spanish

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