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Freedom Writers (2007): Complete Movie Guide

An educational teaching resource from Dr. Will Pulgarin entitled Freedom Writers (2007): Complete Movie Guide downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 6, 7, 8, 9, 10





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About This Product

Freedom Writers (2007): Complete Movie Guide

This is a comprehensive teaching resource designed to engage students and underscore the societal discussions presented in this powerful film. It's a tool suited for grade levels 6 through 10, intended to enhance Language Arts education through its compelling narrative.

The movie, which draws inspiration from Erin Gruwell's influential book The Freedom Writers Diary, explores themes such as racial division, poverty, violence and the power of empathy set within Woodrow Wilson High School in Eastside, Long Beach. The school reveals a mixture of ethnic backgrounds reflecting different outlooks on life.

  1. This guide equips students with 29 questions while watching the movie.
    • The questions range between higher-level contemplative queries and lower-level factual ones.
    • An additional fact or fiction chart prompts critical thinking as students distinguish between cinematic representations and true accounts.
  2. This interactive design supports teachers in sparking classroom discussions.
    • This can be done either within larger groups where diverse ideas can prosper or smaller intimate ones for promoting community closeness—this enhances comprehension further within each setting.

    • The guide also serves as engaging homework allowing time for individual contemplation.

    • An annotated Teacher version along with a ready-to-print Student version offers easy implementation without compromising educational standards or objectives. This saves teachers' preparation time too


In addition, some text samples from the film link theory directly to examples - this aids relatability across learners of varied learning capabilities.

Note: While Freedom Writers (2007) is one chapter in our inspiring democracy battling myriad equally inspiring challenges, it is, after all, just one story in our ongoing narrative about humanity!

Enjoy sowing the seeds of comprehension within your class using this incredibly impactful resource!

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