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French Calendar and Time Scattergories Game - Le Calendrier et l'heure

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About This Product

The French Calendar and Time Scattergories Game - Le Calendrier et l'heure

This engaging resource is tailored for educators to help students in grades 3-12 better understand and build their vocabulary related to calendar time in French. Not just serving those mastering the core French curriculum, but also pupils exploring immersion curriculums.

Integration into World Languages Class

This tool can seamlessly be incorporated into a world languages class focusing on the nuances of the beautiful French language.

Promoting Quick Thinking and Proficiency

  • This game encourages quick thinking and language proficiency as students strive to create unique responses for each category under time pressure.
  • Fosters healthy debate through an element of peer review as other players have the opportunity to challenge answers.
  • A total of 12 games include 48 different categories suitable for varying intensity levels according to age groups or skill sets.
  • The resource can be used in group work during class hours or even assigned as homework task offering practice outside traditional classroom environments.
Younger vs Older Pupils

Younger learners may require more response time, whereas older learners will relish the thrilling challenge posed by timed activities. Whichever way you decide to implement it, Le Petit Bac - Scattergories makes key elements of learning French language exciting.

Digital Delivery System Details:
The system is delivered digitally via three PDF files comprising all games with options either project these sheets during class lessons or print them if needed.

In conclusion, The French Calendar and Time Scattergories Game blends fun with learning making it an unforgettable educational experience whether you're aiming to reenergize your routines with competition or want something fresh to reinforce linguistic skills.

What's Included

3 PDFs

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