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French Connect 4 Game - ALLER - Present Tense

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Grade 6, 7, 8, 9





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About This Product

French Connect 4 Game - ALLER - Present Tense

A user-friendly, effective teaching resource focused on the French verb 'aller' (to go) in its present tense form. Specifically designed for students at Grade 6 through 9 levels, providing a fun and interactive way to learn and remember language materials.

Game Structure

The French Connect 4 Game functions similarly to the traditional connect four game structure but with an exciting linguistic twist. Students aim to connect four boxes by successfully conjugating and aligning different forms of 'aller'. The conjugations of the verb are listed across the bottom of the game board whilst subject pronouns are attractively marked down along one side.

Support Resources

An answer key is provided for checking progress or resolving disputes during gameplay. This feature enables students to self-correct their work while participating – a process encouraging application of knowledge as well as teaching responsibility.

Inclusion Files:

  • Full instructions on how to play
  • An answer key
  • A detailed game board

Note:This tool fits comfortably into varied teaching formats such as whole classroom participation or small group work. Its flexibility allows it also to be used outside classrooms as homework task thanks its portability as a digital PDF file. French language educators will appreciate how this tool simplifies traditionally complex grammar lessons into friendly competition between students sparking interest during World Languages lessons specifically centered on French-centric topics .An invaluable tool promoting active learning developing proficiency ,better comprehension hence improved performance among beginner level french learners ...a remarkable addition indeed!

What's Included

2 PDFs

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French verb Present tense Conjugation Language learning Educational game

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