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French: dots and Boxes- Easter- Game

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About This Product

French Dots and Boxes - Easter- Vocabulary and Speaking Game

This Easter Vocabulary and Speaking game is a fun activity for students to do as we get closer to the holiday.

Levels of difficulty:

  • The first level (1 fag) features 12 vocabulary words - perfect for beginners

  • The second level (2 flags) includes an additional 6 words- perfect for lower-intermediate learners

What is in the file:

This resource includes two .pdf files of 2 pages each: one page for French and one for English, allowing them to decide if they want to translate from French to English or from English to French.

By printing these on both sides of a sheet, students can indulge in a sneak-peak using the back of the card if they get stuck.

Sustainability Option: Teachers may opt to laminate these cue cards for durability and repeated use—promoting practice while conserving resources.

Example of key vocabulary included in the game:

  • In Level one: learners will practice keywords such as: " un œuf", "un jardin" or "des enfants"

  • In Level two: additional phrases such as "une cloche volante", "le Vendredi Saint" or "le printemps" make an appearance.

The rules:

This game is to be played in pairs.

Taking turns, students draw a vertical or horizontal line between two dots. They must give the English equivalent for the French on either side of the line (or the French equivalent for the English). If on a student's turn they manage to complete a box, they draw a cross inside the box with their color. At the end of the game, the player with most crosses wins.

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