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French: PARLER Present Tense Puzzle

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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12





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About This Product

French: PARLER Present Tense Puzzle

The French: PARLER Present Tense Puzzle is an engaging and practical educational tool catered to secondary students ranging from grades 9 to 12. Centred around the study of world languages — with a focus on French— this resource provides learners with a challenging and enjoyable means of familiarizing themselves with the present tense use of the verb 'PARLER'.


The activity comes as a one-page PDF, making it an easy addition to existing lesson plans. It starts by having students cut up individual puzzle pieces, which promotes physical dexterity alongside cognitive skills. These pieces are then scrambled before students proceed to piece them back together as quickly as possible.

Educational Goals:

  • Promotes problem-solving skills.
  • Aids in recall abilities.
  • Foster comprehension within language learning contexts.
Versatility and Application:

Educators have appreciated the versatility of this resource, being able to use it in various instructional settings across any school or homeschool environment that has subject offerings in World Languages or specifically French Studies. Depending on one's teaching style, it may be:

  • Boldly applied for whole-class activities, where all students collaborate comprehensively on puzzle solving - building class camaraderie through shared discovery,

  • Incorporated into smaller focused groups, where teamwork and cooperation are encouraged,

  • Gently provided for independent learning experiences at home, offering a self-paced alternative break from traditional methods such as worksheets and textbook readings.

    This activity adds a touch of novelty to standard teaching methods while reinforcing key rules behind conversational French grammar.

What's Included

1-page PDF

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