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French reading comprehension texts and questions for beginners - SET 1

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Grade 6, 7, 8, 9





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French reading comprehension texts and questions for beginners - SET 1

10 French reading comprehension activities with questions to get your beginning French students reading more. These no prep and easy to print worksheets cover ten different themes and fifteen grammar points.


→ Au café

→ Chez le médecin

→ Faire les courses

→ J'ai faim

→ J'ai soif

→ Je me présente

→ L'été

→ L'hiver

→ Le week-end

→ Ma famille

Grammar points covered across the ten texts:

→ subject pronouns

→ articles: definite, indefinite, partitive

→ possessive adjectives

→ numbers

→ aller

→ avoir + expressions

→ adjectives

→ il faut

→ stressed pronouns

→ plural nouns

→ prepositions of location

→ time, days, months

→ être

→ faire + expressions

→ questions

Answer key and English translations of the texts are included.

Enhance the reading skills of your novice French learners with this comprehensive set of 10 engaging French reading comprehension activities.

Designed specifically to captivate and motivate beginning students, these meticulously crafted worksheets foster a love for reading while reinforcing essential language skills.

Each activity in this versatile collection is meticulously curated to promote fluency and comprehension. Delve into ten themes that cover a wide range of subjects.

With a focus on accessibility and convenience, these worksheets require no preparation on your part. Simply print and distribute to your students, saving valuable instructional time.

Empower your students with independent learning opportunities, allowing them to navigate the exercises at their own pace and develop self-confidence as they progress.

In addition to enhancing reading proficiency, this comprehensive resource also covers fifteen essential grammar points. As students engage with the diverse reading passages, they encounter grammatical structures in context, fostering a natural and intuitive grasp of the language. From verb tenses to sentence structures, these embedded grammar lessons seamlessly reinforce and consolidate students' understanding.

Invest in this remarkable collection of French reading comprehension activities to unlock the potential of your beginning French students. With its engaging themes, challenging questions, and comprehensive grammar coverage, this resource is an invaluable tool for teachers seeking to ignite a passion for reading and promote language proficiency in their classrooms.

What's Included

1 zip file with 10 PDFs.

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