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French Taboo Speaking Game - Animals - Les Animaux

An educational teaching resource from Love Learning Languages entitled French Taboo Speaking Game - Animals - Les Animaux downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

The French Taboo Speaking Game - Animals - Les Animaux

This teaching resource is ideal for educators looking to enhance their students' understanding of the French language. It incorporates core language essentials within an engaging and interactive game environment.

Suitable For Various Grades

Perfect for grades 6 to 12, this product can be adapted across different learning environments and subjects. It is especially beneficial for students studying world languages, particularly French.

Learning Through Play

This game encourages students to guess taboo words via provided clues without using any listed taboo words. As a result, the method assists in strengthening vocabulary and sentence formation skills in a fun-filled manner.

Content Inclusions
  • 75 cards with animal names written both in English and French - includes pets, farm animals, wildlife creatures, insects etc.
  • A separate set which is ONLY written in French perfect for more advanced players or those wanting further immersion into the language>.
  • A file that projects one card at a time either only in French or inclusive of English translations suitable for varied proficiency levels among students>
  • Tutorials on how to effectively use this educational tool efficiently are provided alongside these resources.
Distinctive Feature: Your students will master around 375 distinctFrench words while enjoying this game!
The Implementation Strategies include:
  1. Incorporating it as part of whole group activities
  2. Splitting it amongst smaller groups
  3. Blessing it much accessing as homework allowing kids enjoy it whilst still getting educated seamlessly at home!.

The game is available as PDFs which can be disseminated easily, irrespective of the location of your classroom. Essentially, it is a unique approach to drifting away from traditional textbook-based learning.

What's Included

5 PDFs

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French language Vocabulary building Speaking game Animals Language immersion

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