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French: The Circulatory System Workbook

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About This Product

Title: French: The Circulatory System Workbook

This 116-page workbook, filled with engaging content, brings the scientific workings of the heart to life for students in a different language - French. Educators are provided with a resource designed to expand their students' knowledge in two key areas – biology and world languages.

Main Features:
  • Vocabulary worksheets which simplify understanding and learning the technical terms used in detailing our circulatory system.
  • Reading passages that provide information about how blood gets circulated around the body.
  • Quizzes that challenge what learners have learned thus far, encouraging practical application at each phase of learning.
Illustrations & Activities:
Illustrated diagrams, acting scripts ("Les phrases pour les arts dramatiques") and playful learning techniques such as the Eiffel Tower game (Jeu de la tour Eiffel) are included.

This multi-use workbook can be adapted across many contexts - from individual home assignments to collaborative classroom projects. Although it’s not grade specific, any teacher can use this tool largely for early middle schoolers due both to its authentic integration of a second world language-French specifically into theory-based biological studies.

Provided in digital format (PDF), reproduction is easy as you just need print when required – convenience factor is critical due by teachers dealing tight schedules flexible material availability requirement across classrooms multiple locations.

What's Included

116 page PDF

Resource Tags

circulatory system French language biology vocabulary worksheets interactive activities

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