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French: Translation Game- Technology- Jeopardy

French: Translation Game- Technology- Jeopardy
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Grade 7, 8, 9, 10



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About This Product

In this resource file, you will find a Jeopardy game to practice translating phrases from and into French for the topic: Technology- La technology.

The game comes as a Powerpoint Presentation, which is interactive when on put on full screen (presentation mode)

There are two versions of the game: version 2 is slightly more difficult than version 1

For each version:

  • - There are 6 categories: Les nouvelles technologies, Internet, Les réseaux sociaux, le téléphone portable, les dangers, je suis accro
    - A total of 30 phrases to translate: 5 phrases to translate per aspect (level of difficulty increases: first three phrases are French to English, last two phrases are English to French).

  • - model answer provided for each phrase to translate

  • Advice on how to play:

  • Put the PPT presentation full screen to access questions. Simply click on a box to see the question. Click anywhere to see the answer. Click on the button ‘Jeopardy’ from the answer slide to go back to the menu. The box corresponding to the sentences that have been translated will turn from yellow to blue.

  • Students in your class take turns in picking a box (i.e: Mes amis pour 200€) but all students should translate the phrases. Only students with the correct translation receive the ‘money’. At the end of the game all students add up their money to find out who has won.

Examples of phrases for version 1:

  • - Traduisez en anglais: Elles ont un abonnement sur Netflix.

  • - Traduisez en français: I spend too much time on Twitter.

Examples of phrases for version 2:

  • - Traduisez en anglais: Les achats en ligne sont plus rapides et pratiques.

  • - Traduisez en français: Social networks are useful to keep in touch with your family.

A .zip folder with 2 PowerPoint Presentations (version 1 and 2)

Each PPT is 61 slides

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