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French - What time is it?

An educational teaching resource from Language Learn and Listen entitled French - What time is it? downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Title: French - What Time Is It?

Description: This is an interactive and versatile teaching aid for learners on the concept of telling time in French. The product comes with three carefully designed exercises that translate from French to English.

Key features include:

  • Spreads over four pages, it makes understanding time engaging for all ability levels and ages.
  • All necessary vocabulary adheres to universal standards and doesn't require any specific grade level.
  • Useful in various learning situations- whole group discussions or small group activities. Extremely helpful for homeschoolers as well.

The learning tool could also be used as a homework assignment at home, reinforcing classroom learning. Every single page contains well-structured drills not just for rote practice but also developing critical thinking skills acknowledged globally.

Please note:
All answers are provided at the end of each exercise, facilitating immediate feedback and helping educators confirm comprehension levels effectively without ambiguity.

A Convenient Format

The resource is available as a PDF file type - simple to download and print whenever you need it. A straightforward resource reducing planning time soon teaching concepts become easier!

"French - What Time Is It?" serves as an educator's companion while teaching world languages like French by offering practical applications within their curriculums with simplicity promising learner engagement.

What's Included

4 pages of exercises, plus answer sheet.

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French time learning aid exercises vocabulary

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