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French Workbook Volume 7

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About This Product

The French Workbook Volume 7

A comprehensive, educational resource designed specifically for educators. This teaching aid supports a variety of learning environments:

  • Whole class instruction
  • Small group sessions
  • Independent study time
  • Homework.
"103 printable pages": An array of exercises and activities catering to varying levels of proficiency across elementaries, beginners and advanced.

Vocabulary Worksheets & Reading Passages:

Sections include vocabulary worksheets that offer translations; reading passages suitable for all learners; practical quizzes to measure grasp on subject matter; hands-on practice opportunities.

Vocabulaire de la Cuisine & Mots et Images:

Delves into the intersection where language meets culture. Consolidating lessons with corresponding words-images activities testing in-context vocabulary identification.
Grammar Focus:
Unique feature 'Pratique du Féminin des Adjectifs et des Noms' lets students apply their learning progression through exercises found covering verb application across different tenses - past, present, near future.

Dedicated sections to idiomatic expressions at two levels and social expressions complete with English translations enhance familiarization with French contexts.

Creativity Application Exercises:
Examples - 'Inventer une Bande Dessinée'(Scripting comic strips) and descriptive writing ignite creativity whilst applying learnt components.

The 'journée sportive à l’école'(sports day at school) activity validates the age-old wisdom- productive language learning is best achieved through experiences.

As an educator's reliable companion resource - flashcards suggestions among other tools prove valuable in engaging students effectively. A versatile product that can adapt equally well for homeschoolers seeking structure and international school teachers seeking to diversify their curriculum, The French Workbook Volume 7 guides into understanding not just the language but also cultural nuances ubiquitous among Francophones.

What's Included

1 PDF with 103 printable pages

Resource Tags

French language language learning educational resource vocabulary exercises grammar practice

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