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Fríndel - Kit de Literatura Gr. 3-4

Fríndel - Kit de Literatura Gr. 3-4
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Grade 3, 4



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About This Product

Fríndel - Literature Kit for Grades 3-4

This resource revolves around a stimulating tale of a young boy who invents a new word for the dictionary, making learning about words fun again. This resource aids teachers by saving time in the preparation of lesson plans related to this novel. Establishing an objective for reading is made possible by setting vocabulary words which students are unfamiliar with.

Kit Components:

  • Resources that foster comprehension of the novel through multiple-choice questions.
  • Critical thinking activities where students can speculate on Nick's future career via a journal notice prompt.
  • A distinct segment that aids in distinguishing between similes and metaphors as students create their own piece of writing.
Special Feature:An opportunity for learners to share their favorite part of the story by crafting their very own comic strip, encouraging both creativity and deeper engagement with the narrative.

The kit aligns with State Standards and Bloom's Taxonomy. It also includes an extra crossword puzzle and word search activity promoting language improvement outside the storyline context. Comprehensive question sets and answer keys are provided as supplementary materials, further easing educators' workload when assessing grasp within larger groups or individuals at home.

Narrative Focus:The engaging narrative centers around 10-year-old Niсk Allеn who creates his unique new word— "frindel". Нis clever innovation plan ends up causing quite a stir throughout his school, resulting in afterschool punishments, visits from principals at home,and national publicity—even leading to 'frindel' inclusion into the dictionary!

This material is suitable mainly for third-grade students diving into learning Spanish but could easily be adapted for fourth graders too due to its flexible framework design. Fríndel - Literature Kit can be utilized as a book companion, making it versatile either as an instructional aid during class hours or even as homework assignment material.

The availability of this resource in PDF format and its single-file composition make it easy to distribute across digital platforms if needed or preferred— affirming itself as a valuable resource for the modern-day educator, whether teaching in public, private schools or from the comfort of home.

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