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Frogs Life-cycle Lesson Worksheets and Resources

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About This Product

This is a basic pack of Frog-life-cycle worksheets for the early years.


That children can explain how the frog develops form an egg, through tadpole, into froglet before becoming an adult.

Who can use this pack of Frog Life-cycle worksheets?

Any one! Parents, teachers, private tutors - and all who find them helpful!

When are the Frogs Life cyle worksheets best used?

The pack is best used as part of a project on spring, or on frogs, or when young children's interest has been aroused in frogs as it is at this point that they will best learn,

What is included in the Frog Life-cycle Pack?

  • Stick the pictures of the frog’s life-cycle in order - 2 choices of format.

  • A life-cycle mat for display, or to stimulate discussion/writing

  • A frog development poster/mat for display/discussion

  • A sheet on which to write descriptive words about a frog.

  • A picture to colour for early finishers.

  • How to use the Frog Lifecycle worksheets

Use with our Frog-Life-cycle PowerPoint!

Teaching children about the natural world is the natural start of the study of science. TI is upon these early experiences that children's future science learning can build.

It is therefore imperative that the child's learning be concrete - based as much as possible upon real life observation,

Therefore, if you can bring frogspawn in the classroom and watch it develop, then the children will not forget what they have learnt so easily and awe and wonder of the natural world will be developed.

As the children work, use the vocabulary you wish children to become familiar with: eggs, frogspawn, tadpole, froglet, adult.

For other engaging science resources, with unique illustrations please visit my store here!

What's Included

1 PDF file

5 worksheets

A mix of colour and black and white - see the product preview.

Resource Tags

frogs for homeshool frogs life-cycle frogs development frogs cross-curriculum frog life-cycle worksheets

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