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Life cycle of a Frog PowerPoint KS1

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Kindergarten, Grade 1

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About This Product

With this Life Cycle of a Frog PowerPoint KS1 resource, your students are going to be able to see how a frog grows!

Through exploring our 17-slide, Frog Life-cycle PowerPoint which includes beautiful, original photos to capture the attention of your students,
your students will be able to see the frog develop from the eggs, through tadpole, froglet to the adult frog.

Clear explanations make it accessible for even very young children.

Who is it for?

This Life Cycle of a Frog PowerPoint KS1 was designed for any student, parent, or tutor who can find it helpful in the learning process of the lifecycle of frogs! Though it might be attractive for early elementary/EYFS/Y1 school children.

How can it be used?

This presentation may be used with the whole class, or with smaller groups to encourage discussion. This resource may be used in conjunction with Frogs Life-cycle Lesson Worksheets and Resources.

The value of teaching the lifecycle of a frog

Teaching children about the natural world is the natural start of the study of science. It is upon these early experiences that children's future science learning can build.

It is therefore imperative that the child's learning be concrete - based as much as possible upon real-life observation,

Therefore, if you can bring frogspawn into the classroom and watch it develop, then the children will not forget what they have learnt so easily and awe and wonder of the natural world will be developed.

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What's Included

1 PowerPoint with 17 slides full of original photos to capture the attention of your class!

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