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Functions Part 2: SCAVENGER HUNT (Linear/Nonlinear, Proportional Relationships., Similar Triangles & Slope, Distance/Time Graphs)

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About This Product

Functions Part 2: Scavenger Hunt

Functions Part 2: Scavenger Hunt infuses fun into advanced math learning. Catered to 8th grade level, it is an enriching and enjoyable teaching resource that teachers and parents alike will find highly beneficial for students' mathematical development. The activities in this resource cover various topics including:

  • Linear and Nonlinear functions,
  • Proportional Relationships,
  • Similar Triangles & Slope, and
  • Distance/Time Graphs.

This innovative teaching tool fulfills the curriculum requirements of several 8th Grade Functions Standards such as interpreting linear function equation y=mx + b, graphing proportional relationships with unit rate interpretation as slope, etc. Additionally, it helps students visualize functional relationships between quantities through graph analysis.

The highlight of the Functions Part 2: Scavenger Hunt is its engaging activity design:

The printable resource includes 24 distinct Scavenger Hunt cards covering different subtopics like comparing proportional relationships & unit rates or interpreting qualitative relationship from distance/time graphs. Each card contains constructive tasks that allow students to interactively understand complex mathematical concepts making their learning experience more meaningful.

  • The package also includes a printable student answer sheet for tracking progress individually or in small groups promoting cooperative learning amongst the learners.
  • A comprehensive answer key expedites grading process for teachers.
  • An optional version of file without answer keys can be posted online providing additional flexibility especially beneficial for homeschoolers or in computer lab settings.

All these resources have been neatly compiled in one convenient PDF file which makes them print-ready at any time they are needed.

In Summary

Engaging yet educational, practical yet productive - Functions Part 2: Scavenger Hunt enhances learners' grasp on complex math functions via playful approach facilitating overall improvement in algebraic comprehension in Grade 8 scholars. Whether they're taught at school or home, it adds value to their academic journey.

What's Included

It contains the following resources:

1) 24 Printable Scavenger Hunt Cards

- Linear/Nonlinear

- Comparing Proportional Relationships & Unit Rate

- Similar Triangles & Slope

- Qualitative Relationships (Distance/Time Graphs, etc)

2) Printable Student Answer Sheet

3) Answer Key

4 ) Optional version of Scavenger Hunt file without answer key to POST ONLINE for students to reference at home or in a computer lab.

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