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Game: Monster Math Mash

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Grade 2





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About This Product

Monster Math Mash Game

The Monster Math Mash is an educational game designed to stimulate the learning of students dealing with the mathematical operations located within grade 2 curriculum. This compelling, themed activity is focused on teaching addition and subtraction within 100 in an engaging manner that's perfect for classroom or homeschool usage.

The game provides two distinct versions to maintain engagement and keep it fun:

  • In one version of this activity, children can utilize craft materials like straws, play-doh, pipe cleaners and googly eyes to construct their very own monster. They receive these pieces once they answer a question correctly (and verify it).

  • A similar concept applies to the second version wherein children piece together a Frankenstein monster using prepared cut-outs.

The application of both versions align with fostering creativity while practicing and reinforcing core math skills at the same time. Also, by its design, this game fosters independent learning as students check for their answers before acquiring each piece towards either creation.

All questions are conveniently provided in an easy-to-use booklet format which enhances ease-of-use for teachers or parents facilitating the activity whether that be in conventional classrooms or at home. The answer key helps educators evaluate student's performances without having any complications.

This educational resource aligns directly with standard 2NBT.5 - concerning addition and subtraction within 100 making it suitable not only for daily classroom activities but also during holiday seasons like Halloween due to its unique monster theme.

This product contains non-editable PDF files ensuring security from manipulation which also supports consistency with delivery in whichever use-case scenario teachers chooses; you can count on having a reliable learning tool ready anytime! Boost comprehension through project-based learning integrated into mathematics lessons with this enjoyable yet informative Monster Mash Math Game!

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Monster Math Mathematical Operations Addition Practice Subtraction Practice Project-Based Learning

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