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Geometry: Word Problems Vol. 4 Gr. 3-5

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Grade 3, 4, 5





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About This Product

Geometry: Word Problems Vol. 4 Gr. 3-5, Teaching Resource

An effective teaching resource designed to cater to the needs of grade 3-5 learners, targeted towards aiding them with the geometry concepts highlighted by the NCTM standards.

  • This curriculum resource crafts unique ways for students to study and reassess these concepts, catering to diverse learning styles and abilities.
  • The kit comprises a selection of worksheets centered around real-life problems that students can relate to offering differentiated learning prospects.
  • The activities span various mathematical topics from two-dimensional & three-dimensional shapes to fractions also covering composing/decomposing shapes and coordinate points.

Learning resources promoting self-reflection & creative problem solving are included meeting Common Core State Standards, Blooms Taxonomy, STEM standards and aligning with NCTM's standards.


  • - Extensive assessment rubrics standardizing evaluations
  • - Review materials aiding comprehensive understanding
  • - Vibrant color activity posters inspiring discussions on geometrical concepts
  • - Bonus worksheets providing added practice opportunities

The ready-to-print PDF houses all materials allowing swift production so not a minute is wasted advancing your scholars' skills via diversified strategies offered in this "Geometry: Word Problems Vol 4 Gr. 3-5".

This serves ideally as an offering for whole groups, small focus groups or even independent learners in home-based educational settings!

To all dedicated educators,

"Geometry: Word Problems Vol 4 Gr. 3-5" is the sturdy stepping stone your learning ensemble needs towards understanding Geometry and its real-world relevance!

What's Included

1 PDF with 19 ready to print pages

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