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"Goodbye, Vietnam" + "Inside Out" Mentor Text Study • writing shape

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Grade 4, 5, 6, 7, 8



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About This Product

Goodbye, Vietnam + Inside Out Mentor Text Study

This study revolves around the mastery of writing techniques with a particular focus on imagery development strategies. The study includes:

  • Sentence sharpening skills.
  • Critical analysis fostering.
  • Detailed exploration of form sense.

Gloria Whelan and Thanhha Lai's carefully constructed sentences from Goodbye, Vietnam and Inside Out & Back Again, guide this exploration. Their use of sensory details, imagery, and personification contribute to an engaging connection with complex concepts for students.

A Comprehensive Writing Workshop Lesson Resource Utilizing Proven Instruction Methods.

This resource, fully editable also serves as a writing workshop lesson that can be personalized by teachers to cater to various learning styles or proficiency levels while retaining effective instruction methods. The resources include:

  • Discussion questions: Promoting thoughtful student engagement regarding the concepts learned from text studies; suitable for whole group discussions or smaller intimate group dialogues.
    The teaching resource provides:
  • Scaffolding Tools:Included is graphic organizers and sentence frames that can aid independent student assignments or homework when a teacher’s guidance isn’t as readily accessible.
Aids in Unveiling Language Arts Exercises Opportunities . The product enhances language art exercises through:
  • An action verb word bank plus shape noun word bank paired together providing useful reference tools aimed enhancing vocabulary usage while optimizing precision in expression. These are key features in producing compelling narratives or arguments within their written discourse - a crucial requirement throughout secondary education and into adulthood.
Who is it helpful for?

This study tool is geared towards students in Grade 4 through Grade 8. It is formatted as a PDF file with links to fully editable Google docs, enabling its use to be simple and effective both inside the digital classroom environment or within the context of home learning setup. Ensuring usefulness across various teaching modalities adapting to face-to-face or remote learning scenarios, proving this flexible resource's importance


What's Included

1 PDF with links to FULLY EDITABLE Google docs

Resource Tags

vivid imagery sensory details personification writing techniques literary elements

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