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Grade 12 Academic English Package- Includes 2 exams for W.11-12.1 , W.11-12.1a

Grade 12 Academic English Package- Includes 2 exams for W.11-12.1 , W.11-12.1a
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About This Product

Grade 12 Academic English Package

This package provides high school seniors with key Language Arts and Literature concepts, preparing them for college-level English. It extends beyond the traditional classroom approach, emphasizing critical thinking and analytic skills through various activities:

  • Essay assignments
  • Debate sessions on relevant societal issues
  • Vocabulary research activities
  • Text analysis tasks
  • Included in this comprehensive resource are essay structure outlines covering a range of thought-provoking topics. These include discussions on whether schools should teach cursive writing, views on healthcare systems or the ethics of single-gender schools.

    Literature Analysis Assignments

    The package delves into literature analysis assignments like studying Mary Shelley's 'Frankenstein', vocabulary activities based on this classic piece and argumentative essays challenging typical societal viewpoints ("Who is the real monster?"). There are also tasks that require examination of editorial-style articles.

    Narrative Analysis Assignment

    Unique lessons analysing Native American legends retold by S.E.Schlosser also form part of this rich resource. This encourages students to broaden their cultural understanding while strengthening their English Language skills.

    Poetry Analysis Assignment

    A focused study section devoted to Robert Browning's poem "My Last Duchess", introduces learners to advanced poetry interpretation techniques.

    The design of this package lends itself well for both small group settings or full classroom instruction. Components can also be separately assigned as homework. This digitized PDF file format ensures easy access, preventing lost materials. Each lesson comes complete with rubrics and guiding questions making it effortlessly simple for teachers to assess student comprehension, thus saving valuable planning time. In conclusion, the Grade 12 Academic English package equips educators with a diverse toolset to not only instruct students but also foster independent thinking skills. The acquired knowledge is certain to benefit learners as they transition from traditional classroom settings into future ambitious academic pursuits.

What's Included

-essay structure outlines on debatable subjects

-assignments for Gr. 12 academic English

-readings on native american legends and Robert Browning's 'My Last Duchess'

-exam presence sheet for parents and students to sign

-test on essay writing, Canadian short stories, vocabulary and legends / folklore

-final exam preparation sheet for Gr. 12 academic English

-final exam: Frankenstein and essay writing

Resource Tags

English literature critical thinking essay writing vocabulary enrichment cultural analysis

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