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Grade 2 | Dolch Sight Words Bundle

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Grade 2

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Mastering the 46 key second grade sight words opens the door to reading fluency. This comprehensive toolkit contains abundant teacher-friendly resources to assess, track and build whole-group or individual Dolch sight word recognition.

Provide each learner a record sheet to chart progress. Then, tap into 10 versatile word lists - tailor practice for emerging to advanced readers using tracing, copy or dictation formats. Opt for standard or folded mini book versions supporting differentiated remediation needs.

Reinforce mastery with 230+ durable practice pages and hands-on worksheets integrating tracing, crafts and fine motor tasks. Flashcard sets accelerate drill by category or specific word. Infuse excitement into lessons with themed cookie jar pulls and motivating BINGO games that sneak in review.

Assemble student-created quilt square designs into a rotating bulletin display showing off hard-won knowledge. Throughout the process, model self-evaluation strategies using handy checklists and tests. With multi-sensory techniques, monitor advancement toward the goal of automatic Grade 2 Dolch word recognition!

This toolkit's teacher guide outlines connections to literacy curriculum standards, offering point-of-use support. Easily incorporated into morning work, small instructional groups or reading interventions, its student-centered resources allow classwide participation at tiered difficulty levels. Help second graders unlock reading confidence all year long!

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