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Grade 3 Pumpkin Math Task Cards

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About This Product

Grade 3 Pumpkin Math Task Cards

The Grade 3 Pumpkin Math Task Cards is an innovative teaching resource aimed at making math practice for grade 3 learners both fun and engaging. This product offers a pumpkin-themed set of 20 task cards specifically designed to address a variety of mathematical skills aligned with the grade 3 math standards.

Benefits and Features:

  • Students can improve their proficiency in Addition/Subtraction, Multiplication/Division, Measurement, Time, Money, and Fractions as well as Geometry.
  • To make learning enjoyable during festive season breaks; each card features joyous jack-o-lanterns which add a festive touch to the tasks.
  • This tool supports diverse modes of instruction such as group work – large or small groups - as well as individual homework assignments. It works perfectly both outdoors and indoors for students who want some movement while learning.
  • The task cards require minimal preparation before use by educators making them perfect when time is crucial or when something extra needs quickly integrating into lesson plans or activity rotas.
  • Included in this pack are two versions - one colored and one in black & white.
  • An included data recording page allows educators to monitor progress which aids in providing targeted support later on. This feature has also been thoughtfully designed to minimize copy numbers needed thereby saving on toner/ink expenditure too!

The best part about this purchase: it comes complete with an answer key included, freeing educators from another additional task! If you cater for grade four learners too – do check out ‘Grade 4 Pumpkin Math Task Cards’. It's designed to ensure progressive learner development as your students move up grades!

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