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Graduation/End of Year Do A Dot

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About This Product

The Graduation/End of Year Do A Dot is a resource that facilitates active and engaged learning for young learners. This activity packet includes not only printable worksheets, but also creative engagement with end-of-year thematic elements.

  • A Versatile Learning Tool

  • This do-a-dot activity packet can be employed in a variety of educational contexts such as morning work, substitute plans, indoor recess activities, or adopted for homeschooling needs. It's ideal for use at home or school in conventional classrooms and therapy rooms alike.

  • Fostering Developmental Skills

  • The Graduation/End of Year Do A Dot targets several key developmental skills alongside the fun aspects of learning. It aids children to enhance their bilateral hand coordination along with fine motor skills and visual perceptual skills.

  • Potential for Independence

  • As children engage more deeply with the do-a-dot marker activities they may be encouraged to independently handle these markers - opening and closing them on their own bolstering motor planning aspects while controlling pressure applied ensuring ink does not spill over and mar their creative expressions.

  • Inclusive Learning Experience

  • This endearing set holds appeal not only among toddlers and preschoolers generally but also serves incredibly well among children on the autism spectrum extending adaptability according to individual needs developing unique skills like container operation while controlling pressure application.

    Flexible Usage

    The simplicity yet effectiveness which allows this do-a-dot activity can be conducted at desks or spread prone on floors incorporating movement into everyday learning routines enriching overall teaching-learning experiences!

    User-friendly Format

    The Graduation/End of Year Do A Dot resources comes in a convenient PDF format making it user-friendly while ensuring that learning experiences remain engaging.

Additional Information

  • Grade Levels: Early Learning, Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1.
  • Subjects: Resources for Teachers, Special Education Resources.
  • Holidays Subsubjects including Speech Therapy and End of Year activities
  • Type: Worksheets.
  • .
  • File Format: PDF.
  • . Try out the other interesting themes offered under Do A Dot and Q-Tip Art Packets catering to different seasonal interests as updates are rolled out regularly on their store.

What's Included

Items included in this end of year/graduation party are the following:

-apple with graduation cap




-graduation cap


-graduation gown

-shooting star



Resource Tags

graduation end of year do a dot fine motor skills visual perceptual skills

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