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Great Brains of the Enlightenment

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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12



Jason Stein
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About This Product

Great Brains of the Enlightenment Worksheet

An engaging and informative resource, crafted with public school teachers, private tutors, and homeschooling educators in mind. Meticulously developed for learners in grades 9-12 studying World History or European History under Social Studies.


  • Aid students in uncovering the lives and works of ten prominent leaders from the Enlightenment period.

  • Prompt learners to answer four thought-provoking questions per leader, ranging from standard biographical data to deeper analysis requiring critical thinking.

  • An interactive learning experience promoting teamwork among students as each contributes their ideas during research activities.

Packaged Resources:

  1. Student Worksheet:; Brimming with intriguing prompts about each Enlightenment leader's life

  2. Comprehensive Lesson Plans:; Provide coherent guidance starting from warm-up exercises through to wrap-up activities - all designed as compelling learning activities at the beginning and end of lessons respectively.

  3. Answer Key:; Designed for smooth implementation of lesson plans and effortless checking of learner's work during review or evaluation sessions.

This product is a ZIP file format, convenient for digital download anytime you need it! Whether your classroom instruction takes place in a physical school setting or an online home-based learning environment, this resource provides convenience at its finest! The

Great Brains of The Enlightenment resource offers both depth through its content focus while promoting collaborative skills among learners employing a fun yet effective approach - truly fostering educational growth among today's history-loving teenagers!

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Enlightenment Leaders World History European History Social Studies Critical Thinking

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