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Greater Than Less Than Christmas

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About This Product

Greater Than Less Than Christmas: Teaching Resource Overview

Greater Than Less Than Christmas is an indispensable teaching aid that seamlessly integrates the joyful spirit of festive season into math curriculum for early learners and first graders. This tool aids in mastering mathematical concepts such as 'Greater Than', 'Less Than' or 'Equal To' within the number range of 1-10.

This resource comprises a 23-page downloadable PDF file designed specifically for effective learning and practice. Not only is it beneficial in pre-schools and kindergartens but also proves crucial at home with first graders.

The Highlights:

  • The practical versatility is one of its attractive features.
  • The pack contains 15 cards along with four comprehensive worksheets, together serving as a powerful vehicle for engagement and learning.
  • Immense flexibility on how you wish to implement this tool - whole group instruction mixed up with small group activities.
  • Leverage single cards as individual homework assignments, tailoring to each student's pace!

Educational Applications in Today's Landscape

An invaluable tool for educators currently teaching remotely or parents homeschooling their children. The combination of interactive content within the visually pleasing festive theme makes it compatible for distance education or home-school learning dynamics, keeping monotony at bay while fostering an enjoyable educational experience throughout the year – not just during Christmas!

In conclusion; Greater than less than christmas serves splendidly to shape students which find joy in playing around mathematical relations amidst holiday symbolism.

What's Included

A PDF file with 23 printable pages.

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greater than less than equal to numbers math

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