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Greeks Comprehension Series | Episode 1: Introduction to Ancient Greece | Audiobook

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About This Product

The Ancient Greeks Audiobook & Comprehension Series: Episode 1 - Introduction to Ancient Greece Immerse your students in ancient Greek history and culture with this 10-minute audiobook episode. Episode 1 serves as a lively and engaging overview of key facts about ancient Greece, bringing the setting and time period to life. After listening, students test their knowledge by answering reading comprehension questions aligned to the audiobook content. With transcripts provided for reading support and an answer key for easy self- or peer checking, this resource can be flexibly used for whole-class instruction, small group work, or independent practice in grades 7-12. Transport your learners back in time, foster listening skills and historical thinking, and lay the foundation for further study of the ancient Greeks.

What's Included

1 zip file with:

-3 MP3 files

-6 Word docs

-5 PDFs

-12 .m4a files

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