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Groundhog Day Leveled Reading Text - Color By Code

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Grade 2, 3, 4





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About This Product

Groundhog Day Leveled Reading Text - Color By Code

As an educator, the Groundhog Day Leveled Reading Text - Color By Code resource is invaluable. This interactive teaching tool offers varied activities that engage and boost student learning in a fun and informative manner, focusing on the annual tradition of Groundhog Day.

Featured Content

  • Two leveled reading informational texts covering Groundhog Day's history and significance. Suitable for 2nd to 4th grades or high-level 1st-grade readers.
  • Ranges between Lexile levels of 450 to 750 for age-appropriate text complexity.
  • Comprehension skill reinforcement: Questions designed for both simple information reception and more in-depth inferencing. Comprehension question sets follow both passages.
  • Vocabulary growth through a word search game based on key lexical items within the texts.
  • A writing page offering students creative freedom while demonstrating their comprehension through prediction illustrations.

This resource also aligns with CCSS Standards including RI.2.1, RI.2.4, RI.2.5; RI3 .1 ,RI .3 .4 ,RI .3 .5; and RI .4 .1

Miscellaneous Information:

The package allows endless opportunities for group instruction or smaller clusters based on student abilities. Homework assignments using this toolset further reinforce concepts outside classroom hours. Teachers will appreciate the included answer key enabling efficient yet impactful lesson planning!

The worksheets are in PDF format under Language Arts subcategory 'Spring Reading', encapsulating holidays themes ensuring relevance across school events calendar every February 2nd making it a handy program year after year. Get ready for a hassle-free Groundhog Day loaded with engaging and educational experiences!

What's Included

What this resource includes:

✅Two leveled reading passages

✅Comprehension questions - includes low level and inference

✅A color code based on the answers to the questions

✅Two color by code pages - students choose based on their predictions

✅A wordsearch based on the vocabulary in the texts

✅A writing page so students can write and illustrate their predictions

✅A teacher answer key

⭐Check out the preview to see examples of what's included!⭐

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Groundhog Day Leveled reading Color By Code Comprehension questions Vocabulary growth

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