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Guess Who? Game | Printable End of Year Activity

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About This Product

This resource is a Guess Who? Game.

This Guess Who? Game | Printable End of Year Activity is the perfect printable End of Year activity for your students to have a good time as the year ends, while reflecting about themselves and their experiences throughout the school year!

Students will have fun writing clues about themselves and then figuring out which cards describe which of their classmates.

Full directions are included for implementing this whole group activity.

When going over the directions with students, assign each student a letter privately. This is how to keep track of which “Guess Who?” card belongs to who since they cannot write their name on it. Assign capital letters A-Z. If you have more than 26 students in your class, I have included letters a-j (lowercase) on the recording sheet. There is a small box on the upper left corner of each card for students to write the letter in.

Option: Print “Guess Who?” card template on cardstock. This will help keep the card in better condition and be easier to pass around, hold up, etc.

When students create the cards you can ask them to put up privacy folders or move to a spot in the room where others can’t see what they are writing.

What's Included

1 PDF with 6 ready to print pages

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