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Gumball Addition and Subtraction Cards

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Kindergarten, Grade 1





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About This Product

Gumball Addition and Subtraction Cards

Learning arithmetic becomes an engaging journey of discovery with the Gumball Addition and Subtraction Cards. Designed to offer an entertaining visual way to grasp fundamental math concepts, this teaching resource reveals the magic behind addition and subtraction in a tangible, enticing form that children in Kindergarten and Grade 1 will undoubtedly embrace.

Earning its name from the colorful gumballs it employs as numerical representatives, this resource provides educators with a fresh approach for presenting basic arithmetic. The package includes:

  • Two addition mats,
  • Two subtraction mats,
  • Gumball cards from 0 to 10,
  • Addition cards numbered 1 to 24 inclusive.

This ensures flexible learning possibilities adaptable according to each student's pace of grasping these core math principles.

While it can serve as an interactive way for teachers to illustrate one-on-one how numbers combine or separate during different mathematical operations visually, these gumball-themed cards are versatile enough for small group settings too. Young learners can challenge each other in solving problems or verify solutions collectively as hands-on participation strengthens their understanding.

The product comes prepared in a single PDF file that promises fuss-free usage. As well as setting up problem-solving tasks during lessons over the course of mathematical units on addition and subtraction within traditional classroom environments or homeschooling sessions; educators could introduce these handy resources for homework assignments further reinforcing learned skills at home.

In conclusion

"So if you're striving towards making foundational numeracy topics intriguing experiences rather than mundane drills for young learners; remember again - it's not what you teach but how you teach it! And with tools like Gumball Addition And Subtraction Cards under your belt, sparking a lifelong love affair with Mathematics right from its basics gets easier than ever before."

What's Included

1 PDF File

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