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Halloween Creepy Numbers 1-10

An educational teaching resource from Cherry Workshop entitled Halloween Creepy Numbers 1-10 downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Halloween Creepy Numbers 1-10: A Teaching Resource by TeachSimple

TeachSimple presents a wonderful resource named Halloween Creepy Numbers 1-10, designed to enhance number sense for early learners. With it, teachers can help their students understand how numbers from 1 to 10 can be represented in different forms.

Contents and Learning Objectives

  • This resource features five printable PDF pages focused on Math, with an emphasis on foundational number learning.
  • Learners are provided hands-on experiences involving various activities such as cutting and pasting. These help them explore ten frames, number words, tallies, and blocks.

The Halloween-themed 'Creepy Numbers' makes math lessons engaging during the spooky season!

Versatility of Use and Learning Styles

  • The worksheets cater to diverse learning styles; they can be utilized in whole group instructions or smaller groups based on individual learner needs and pacing requirements.
  • Tutors also have an option of assigning these as interesting homework exercises. They serve as a refreshing break from regular homework routine.

In essence, Halloween Creepy Numbers 1-10 ensures that acquiring numeracy skills is not only easy but also fun for young learners! It acts as a blend of vivid visuals and practical tasks directly linked to important numerical concepts making learning a joyous journey!

What's Included

A PDF file with 5 printable pages.

Resource Tags

Halloween Creepy Numbers Math Worksheets Number Sense Hands-on Learning

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