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Hansel and Gretel | Diary Writing Prompts

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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3



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About This Product

Hansel and Gretel | Diary Writing Prompts

The Hansel and Gretel | Diary Writing Prompts is a versatile teaching resource that is useful for writing instruction in Kindergarten through Grade 3. Through these activities, students can step into the shoes of the timeless characters - Hansel and Gretel, providing them with unique opportunities to express their thoughts while traversing a compelling narrative of this classic tale.

This resource doesn't just serve written expression. It also enriches:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Perspective-taking skills
  • Creativity in writing
The activities allow students to delve deeper into understanding story elements such as plot development and character traits, thereby teaching empathy in literature – an essential skill for young readers.

What's included?

In this kit, there are three distinct sets of writing prompts designed to engage learners across different stages of writing maturity. This ranges from beginners working on sentence construction to intermediary students refining their descriptive language all in diary entries format.


An important feature is its flexibility; among its various applications are:

  • For whole group instruction where the teacher models creative responses while focusing on mechanics or conventions \\
    To small group instructions providing tailored feedback for elevating student's written work.
    And used effectively as a part of homework assignment encouraging parental engagement.
This resource comes both as a PDF document ensuring compatibility with printed materials and PowerPoint file which facilitates dynamic classroom discussions.

Vivid Slide Designs

The six engaging slides contain thoughtfully designed visual cues offering context for each prompt, which aids children's imagination in the writing process.

In Summary

The Hansel and Gretel | Diary Writing Prompts is an excellent tool for educators (grades K-3) providing language arts activities that motivate students towards improved literacy skills while also opening doors to their imagination. Encased in timeless literature: Hansel & Gretl , learners bridge the literacy gap through innovative diary prompts making learning an adventure led by colorful story characters and creative writing.

What's Included

1 PDF and 1 PowerPoint with 6 slides

Resource Tags

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