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Hanukkah Interactive Foldable Booklets – EBOOK

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Hanukkah Interactive Foldable Booklets - EBOOK

This engaging educational resource offers an innovative approach to understanding the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah through interactive foldables. Suitable for learners from grade 2 up until grade 12, the booklets provide a comprehensive platform to explore this significant cultural festival.

Three Interactive Foldables

  • The Basics of Hanukkah: The first foldable unveils the fundamental facts about Hanukkah, such as its history, importance, and customs.
  • Dreidel Symbolism: This distinctive symbol of the holiday is brought into focus in our second foldable. Discover its significance and role during this festive period.
  • Traditional Cuisine: The last foldable introduces students to traditional food associated with Hanukkah like Latke and Sufganiyot that add flavor to this merry event.

The resource is delivered in a PDF file format spanning across ten pages brimming with enlightening info-graphics. These ensure clear comprehension at various academic levels while fostering knowledge retention.

Interactive Learning Approach

These interactive booklets offer an inviting variety by providing hands-on experience for students. They afford them an opportune break from exhaustive reading texts by allowing them to cut, fold and create their own material! Consider implementing these resources not only in whole group settings but also incorporate them into small work-group sessions thereby encouraging cultural exchange among peers! They act as wonderful homework assignments as well promoting independent research whilst consolidating learnings from class interactions.

A Fine Addition To Your Learning Resources

Whether you are initiating an elaborate project on holidays around the world or just delving deep into diverse traditions; planning to overhaul your current lesson plans or supplementing existing ones - these structured resources, anchored in authentic information, shall surely complement all pathways leading towards enriching learners' perspective on culture appreciation!

What's Included

10 Pages in PDF format

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