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Harriett Tubman Interactive Foldable Booklets – EBOOK

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History: USA





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About This Product

Harriett Tubman Interactive Foldable Booklets- EBOOK

An exceptional resource for educators meant to enhance learning about this beacon of freedom. This educational tool provides an engaging way to trek through Harriet Tubman's life, influencing students’ understanding of her role in slavery, the Civil War, and the Underground Railroad.

Versatile Teaching Tool

Understanding that teaching methods should be adaptable for different situations, this resource can easily be implemented across varying settings. Suitable adjustments can be made for:

  • A conventional classroom
  • Small study groups or homeschooling sessions,
  • Independent Studies.

The Power of Interactive Learning

The content revolves around interactive foldables which offer hands-on activities and help bring history lessons alive in classrooms. These mini-books provide a fun alternative route to learning ready for exploration by students themselves.

Tale of The Foldables

This eBook includes two intriguing foldable booklets that explore:

  • Basic facts on Harriet Tubman’s life,
  • In depth snippets about The era of Slavery & Civil War,
  • ,
  • Gripping insights into the workings of the Underground Railroad system.
  • .
It spikes curiosity among learners ranging from Grade 2 up till Grade 12, inducing appreciation & understanding towards historical relevance lived by these figures.
A step ahead traditional tools: An Innovative Companion!
Prepared as a digital pack particularly focusing on United States' History curriculum delivered as PDF file format with encompassing ten enriching pages intended to supplement sophisticated teaching methodologies. It is designed to transcend the usage of textbooks alone and bring in technology, raising interactive levels substantially.

Harriett Tubman Interactive Foldable Booklets – EBOOK positively impacts the learning engagement, enlightening young minds about critical black history moments which have shaped global citizens' perspective on equality & freedom struggles.

It is an innovative resource delivering well-structured content with a focus on learning retention.

What's Included

10 pages in PDF format

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Harriett Tubman Interactive booklets Foldables Underground Railroad Slavery & Civil War

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