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Hiroshima (2005): Complete Video Guide for BBC Documentary

An educational teaching resource from Dr. Will Pulgarin entitled Hiroshima (2005): Complete Video Guide for BBC Documentary downloadable at Teach Simple.
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When we dive into the 20th Century's key moments with our students, the deployment of the first atomic bomb undeniably stands out. Grasping the gravity of this event can be challenging, but there's a drama-documentary that's proven invaluable in my classroom to bridge that understanding.

This isn't just a film—it's a journey back in time. Over three pivotal weeks, from the test explosion in New Mexico right up to the heart-wrenching moment the bomb descended on Hiroshima, the documentary offers an immersive experience. Through its lens, our students can:

  • Step into the decision-making rooms, feeling the weight of the world on those leaders' shoulders.

  • Sense the palpable tension aboard the Enola Gay.

  • Witness the staggering force of the bomb's detonation.

  • And, perhaps the most evocative of all, walk the streets of Hiroshima, absorbing the immediate aftermath.

For those of us aiming to ensure our students don't just watch, but truly engage and reflect, the accompanying movie guide is a gem. With its 37 targeted questions, it not only directs attention to the crucial details but also fosters deeper thinking and classroom conversations. And, having a teacher's key on hand? It's been a game-changer for streamlining my prep.

I can't recommend this documentary enough. It's not just about recounting historical events; it challenges students to think, question, and discuss the profound implications and differing perspectives surrounding the bomb's use. This print-ready movie guide is a straightforward addition to our toolkit, enhancing our efforts to bring history alive in the classroom.

The movie is available on Netflix:

Hiroshima BBC History

The link is also available here: BBC History

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