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HMS Endeavour Timeline activity

An educational teaching resource from Tasstudent Resorces entitled HMS Endeavour Timeline activity downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 3, 4, 5





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About This Product

HMS Endeavour Timeline Activity

A significant tool for educators, HMS Endeavour Timeline Activity is designed to enrich social studies lessons concerning the historical journey of Captain James Cook aboard the HMS Endeavour. This resource is mainly aimed at enhancing learning experiences for Grade 3 to Grade 5 students.


  • Events Sheet: Contains crucial dates associated with the expedition.
  • Timeline Sheet: Offers a visually engaging guide that allows students to independently track events in history.
  • Alternative Timeline: Designed for more advanced scholars looking for additional challenges, and also suitable for higher grade learners.

The usefulness of this resource is particularly felt during special anniversaries like Captain Cook's landing day, or while teaching about world exploration and its effects. Aligning perfectly with both NSW Curriculum HT2-3 requirements regarding world exploration descriptions and Australian Curriculum ACHASSK084 guidelines covering historical journeys up until the late eighteenth century, makes it an apt educational tool.

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Possible Classroom Scenarios
Whole Class sessions: Involving group discussions that promote team-building and shared learning among young learners.
In-depth Small Group Engagement:Promotes collective work efforts within smaller factions of the class community.
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What's Included

1. Events sheet

2. Timeline sheet

3. Alternative timeline for older students

Resource Tags

British history Captain James Cook HMS Endeavour world exploration historical journeys

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