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Homophone Task Cards To, Too, & Two Safari

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Grade 4, 5





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About This Product

Homophone Task Cards To, Too, & Two Safari

Designed for 4th and 5th-grade students, this teaching resource is ideal for enriching Language Arts lessons. It particularly focuses on grammar studies with task cards aimed at differentiating between the homophones TO, TOO, and TWO.

Narrative Context for Learning

The task cards follow a narrative about an African safari adventure involving three friends—a truly exciting context optimal to develop language skills! The tasks range from filling in blanks with the correct homophone to more advanced exercises such as restructuring sentences to achieve accurate homophone usage.

Versatility in Instructional Settings

This resource fits perfectly into various instructional settings including individual work or group activities—making it suitable both for classrooms or homeschooling sessions of different sizes.

Potential outdoor classes can also become thrilling using these Safari-themed task cards—a breath of fresh air and vibrant storyline elevate immersion!

Note: Laminating these cards ensures durability through constant usage over time.


  • A colored set featuring 20 detailed task cards alongside an identical black-and-white version—for varied preferences ensuring student engagement regardless of color display choice.

  • An answer recording sheet that's mindful of printing economy.

  • A comprehensive answer key facilitating easy and accurate corrections—an invaluable time-saver during busy school hours.
If you like this product as much as we believe you will, more awaits! Check out The Homophones To Too & Two Safari Worksheets, a fantastic follow-up resource within the same adventurous theme! In conclusion: This teaching resource intertwines language learning optimally with an engaging narrative, eye-catching visuals, and dynamic tasks—making grammar lessons as electrifying as a Safari adventure!

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