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How to Build a Snowman | Interactive Reading Packet

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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2





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About This Product

How to Build a Snowman | Interactive Reading Packet

This is an engaging teaching resource perfect for kindergarten through the second-grade classrooms. The packet offers diverse learning tools that align with various educational methods, combining conventional teaching strategies with innovative techniques.

Build a Snowman Mini Reader:

A flip-through style content in both color and black and white options. It paints a vivid picture of the snowman-building process while reinforcing essential reading skills.

Additional Learning Tools:
  • Blank Booklet:A creative outlet where students can design their own snowman using concepts learned from the mini reader.
  • Transition Word Cards & Numbered Cards: Bolsters vocabulary building and develops logical thinking abilities through sequencing activities.
  • Sentence Strips: Simplified representations of complex thoughts, used for sequencing exercises to enhance comprehension capabilities.
  • 'Roll & Build' Activities: Fun-filled games that encourage student involvement in lessons.
  • Sight Word Tallying: An exercise that indirectly enhances students’ comprehension capabilities while progressing with immersive read-along exercises. 'Write-the-Room' Assignments & 'Label-the-Snowman’ Activities:Educational tasks designed specifically to stimulate young minds.'
Description File Details:

Provided as one easy-to-print PDF file containing 28 ready-to-use pages.
This versatile resource is suited for traditional classroom settings, small group work or homeschooling setups – making it ideal for individual work or group activities either done inside class or assigned as homework.

What's Included

1 PDF with 28 ready to print pages

Resource Tags

interactive reading snowman building hands-on learning sequencing activities educational resource

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