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I Am Earth Book Companion & Articulation Practice - BOOM Cards

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I Am Earth Book Companion & Articulation Practice - BOOM Cards

An educational resource aimed at enhancing the understanding of the book, 'I Am Earth' by Rebecca and James McDonald for preschoolers through grade 5 students. This interactive tool is cherished by educators and homeschoolers for its multi-dimensional aspects.

  • Rewards language skills: Fosters vocabulary enrichment, perfects answering WH questions, while introducing categories based on the book's content.
  • Prepositions Practice: Encourages constructing well-structured sentences with focused training on prepositions.
  • Articulation Drills: Offers drills for various phonemes in initial, medial, or end positions to make pronunciation interactive and effective.

This resource respects distinct learning styles with suitable options to accommodate diverse group sizes. Engage whole groups in stimulating discussions or target smaller groups for specific skill enhancement. Also suitable as home assignments for children.

Specially integrated resources: Speech Therapy concepts incorporated meticulously to boost comprehension among students from Preschool through Grade 5. Accessible as a PDF file linked to Boom Cards— this innovative platform simplifies teaching while optimizing productivity. Rewarded widely given its wholesome approaches towards increasing student-teacher rapport during learning— this truly sets a pathway deep comprehension and improved articulation proficiency.

What's Included

1 PDF file with a link to Boom Card.

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