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Interactive Digital Math: Volume of Irregular Shapes Activity

Interactive Digital Math: Volume of Irregular Shapes Activity
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Grade 6, 7, 8





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About This Product

Do your students need support with determining the volume of composite rectangular prisms? This skill can be challenging for students of all levels so that's why I've made this self-checking VOLUME OF COMPOSITE FIGURES DIGITAL GAME! Your students will love the game-like quality of this activity and you'll love the self-checking feature so it's a win-win! 

All the Details about this Volume of Composite Figures Digital Game:

  • No prep work is needed! Simply copy the link and assign the game to your students in Google classrooms. (Instructions are provided on all the how-to's!)

  • Students will determine the volume of composite rectangular prisms and as they solve correctly, they will build bounce houses. With 30 problems, there's just the right amount of practice to keep your students engaged.

  • Students must correct errors to move on in the game. Yay for that immediate feedback!

  • This math game is great for independent work or a center activity. It could even work in a whole group setting too!

Happy Teaching!


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What's Included

58 printable pages in PDF Format and a Digital Google Slides Game

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