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Irregular French IR Verbs Conjugation Games - Rock, Paper, Scissors - Courir, Partir, Sortir, Dormir, Servir

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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12





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About This Product

Your French students need to practice conjugating irregular French IR verbs like courir, partir, sortir, dormir, and servir, you need an easy and no-prep activity that will keep them engaged and having fun while learning. Look no further! Students already know how to play "rock, paper, scissors" in English, so why not have some fun with "pierre, feuille, ciseaux" while mastering verb conjugations in your French classroom?

Besides loving that your students will be engaged in this highly interactive activity, you'll quickly come to appreciate that you can use these games across many levels with any tense that meets your needs!

Students play in pairs. They play quick games of "pierre, feuille, ciseaux" to see who will be able to move forward a certain number of spaces on the game board.

The following sentences are written in French on the game board, and it’s fun way to get them speaking more French during the game if they say them when they win:

⭐ La pierre écrase les ciseaux.

⭐ La feuille enveloppe la pierre.

⭐ Les ciseaux découpent la feuille.

When a student lands on a space, he conjugates and translates the verb written on it using the subject pronoun provided. Winning is easy, as long as you're the first one to reach la fin!

Included with this resource:

► Instructions on how to play

► One version for courir

► One version for partir

► One version for sortir

► One version for dormir

► One version for servir

► One version for courir, partir, sortir, dormir, and servir

The instructions are written in English, so this will be an easy activity for you to leave for a non-French speaking substitute teacher on days when you can't be there.

What makes these games work so well in the French classroom?

⭐ An engaging way to practice common irregular verbs

⭐ Students love that it’s highly interactive

⭐ Modify the tenses you use to meet your needs

⭐ Perfect activity to review for quiz or test days

⭐ Make copies and laminate them for ready to go games 

⭐ Absolutely no prep required, a real time saver for you

What's Included

6 PDFs

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